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Our eponymous line of Nikaido Tea are made in Richmond, BC and sourced from the finest tea estates and companies worldwide——which results in a beverage that tastes as good as it smells!
We also carry other reputable brands of tea such as Kusmi, Tea Forte, Wedgwood, Republic of Tea and Flying Bird Botanicals.




Green Unflavored Origin: Japan

Name Taste/Character Weight Price
Bancha Summer Harvest-Shizouka 80g $10.95
Fukamushi Deep-steamed Shizouka sencha. A green, sweet taste. 100g $15.95
Genmaicha Bancha blended with toasted rice 80g $10.95
Genmaicha Extra Toasted rice, summer harvest tea from Shizouka, and matcha 80g $14.95
Hojicha Roasted Bancha. Low in caffeine. 50g $9.95
Kukicha Green tea comprised of the twigs and vein of leaf 80g $14.95
Sencha uji Spring harvest green tea from Uji 100g $14.95


Green Flavored

Name Taste/Character Weight Price
Bangkok Coconut and lemongrass taste in 70g $10.95
Biscotti Walnut Cookie Taste 80g $10.95
Earl Green Organic Earl grey taste in Taiwanese Pouchong tea base 70g $11.95
Haiku Vanilla Strawberry Peach 70g $10.95
Jasmine Pearls Tiny jasmine-scented hand-rolled leaves resemble a pearl. 80g $14.95
Moroccan Mint Spearmint and peppermint in Chinese gunpowder tea base 80g $10.95
Organic Jasmine Organic Jasmine Scented 100g $11.95
Passionfruit Full-flavored passionfruit and mango taste in Taiwanese green tea base 100g $11.95
Prince of Pagodas Strawberry blackcurrant, a blending six types of Japanese green teas 80g $10.95
Sakura Cherry flavor in sencha tea base 80g $10.95



Name Taste/Character Weight Price
Oolong Coconut Toasted coconut taste 60g $11.95



Name Taste/Character Weight Price
Toffee Pu-erh Scottish Toffee 80g $9.95
Pu-erh Chai Spicy vanilla mint 80g $9.95


Black Unflavored

Name Taste/Character Weight Price
East Friesland Full-bodied Assam 80g $9.95
Finn’s Tea Traditional Irish breakfast, leaves cut and torn, strong malty taste 80g $9.95
Glenburn Autumn Darjeeling Classic second-flush Darjeeling 70g $9.95
Keeman Brisk, full-bodied, “winey” flavor 80g $9.95
Mighty Assam Golden leaves and malty taste 80g $9.95
Nepal The classic attributes of a Darjeeling 70g $9.95
Orange Pekoe – Kenilworth Estate Bright and brisk Ceylon 70g $9.95
Ruschka Light smoky taste tea blend 80g $9.95
Steveston Organic Organic Traditional English Breakfast, bright and strong 80g $9.95
Yunnan Breakfast Organic Robust and flavorful taste profile. Pure Dian Hong style tea. 80g $9.95


Black Flavored

Name Taste/Character Weight Price
Aztec Chocolate and mild spices 80g $9.95
Banana Jack Banana coconut taste 80g $9.95
Blackberry Blackberry taste 80g $9.95
Blackcurrant Blackcurrant taste 80g $9.95
Bolero Fig and almond 80g $9.95
Butter Truffle Buttery cookie dough taste with spicy cumin 80g $9.95
Charing Cross Hints of bergamot (earl grey) and jasmine flower 80g $9.95
Chocolate Orange Chocolate, orange and mild spices 80g $9.95
Cream Earl Grey Best-selling tea! Creamy earl grey taste 70g $9.95
Cream Earl Grey *30 Teabags Our best-selling tea now in convenient teabags *30 Teabags $9.95
Decaf Paris Caffeine-free Paris 80g $10.95
Earl Grey Fancy Strong bergamot 80g $9.95
Energy Citrus with Yerba Mate 80g $9.95
Lapsang Smoky flavor 80g $9.95
Lavender Cream Earl Grey Creamy earl grey with lavender flowers 70g $9.95
Mango Ceylon Strong mango flavor 80g $9.95
Marzipan Almond and chocolate 80g $9.95
Masala Chai Spicy! 100g $10.95
Paris Earl grey with caramel and blackcurrant notes 80g $9.95
Snowflake Coconut almond 80g $9.95
Vanille Strong, liquor-like with vanilla bean pieces 80g $9.95


Rooibos Naturally Caffeine-Free

Name Taste/Character Weight Price
Blueberry Yogurt Creamy Blueberry 80g $9.95
Chai of Zanzibar Mild Vanilla Chai 80g $9.95
Chocolate Mint Minty Chocolate 80g $9.95
Coconut Almond Coconut almond, same flavor as “Snowflake” 80g $9.95
Dutch Licorice Black Licorice Taste 80g $9.95
Gingerbread Orange Gingerbread Orange 80g $9.95
Nut Crunch Apple, Hazelnut and Raisins 80g $9.95
Paris Tisane Coming Soon Earl Grey, Caramel & Blackcurrant Flavoured Rooibos 80g $9.95
Peach Honeybush Apricot Peach 80g $9.95
Poirot’s Blend Currant, Rose Petals, Lavender and Red Fruit Taste 80g $9.95
Red Chai Spicy blend! 80g $10.95
Red Earl Grey Earl Grey 80g $9.95
Rooibos Natural Organic Unflavoured Rooibos 80g $9.95
Rooibos Surprise Apples, orange, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, coconut, lemongrass, red pepper 80g $9.95
Summer Orange Vanilla (Creamsicle Taste) 80g $9.95
True Love Chocolate, raspberry, rhubarb with little candied hearts 80g $9.95


Herbal Naturally Caffeine-Free

Name Taste/Character Weight Price
Calm Gentle blend of rose, lavender, balm mint and chamomile 40g $9.95
Cold Relief Lemony-herbal taste (has powdered lemon juice) 100g $9.95
Detox A blend of beneficial herbs, green tea & mate to naturally cleanse. 40g $10.95
Ginger Lemongrass Complex blend of ginger, lemongrass and licorice 60g $9.95
Pina Colada Fruit pieces and hibiscus 80g $9.95
Rainy Day Smooth comforting herbal blend with licorice taste 50g $9.95
Roasted Almond Smooth, acid-free blend almonds, apples and beetroot. 80g $9.95
Simply Mint 100% Oregon peppermint 40g $9.95
Sleep Well Relaxing herbal blend *contains valerian, not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers 40g $9.95
Women’s Tea Apple Cinnamon 80g $9.95



Name Taste/Character Weight Price
Chai of Zanzibar Mild Vanilla Chai 80g $9.95
Masala Chai Spicy! 100g $10.95
Red Chai Spicy blend! 80g $10.95
Pu-erh Chai Spicy vanilla mint 80g $9.95
Prices are Canadian dollars (CAD) and subject to change without notice

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